Ashly is brilliant to work with and has completely transformed my game in a very short space of time using her online coaching.

Best Coach Ever

I have been with Ashly over two years now as my coach. She continues to help me in all aspects of the game. Along with her knowledge, she has great training tools to help you understand the fundamentals and improve your game. I was a frustrated 160 bowler when I came to Ashly. By working with her and some hard work I reached a 190 average and now have confidence in my game. Great communicator and really takes a personal interest in helping you achieve your goals. Very satisfied.
Jim Flood


My Grandson was 11 when he started working with Ashly as his coach. Through his hard work and their dedication to his bowling advancement, at age 12 he earned his way to The Junior Gold Tournament Championship in Dallas. From a fun bowler to a competative champion. Thank you, Ashly.
Sheri Gruden

My Awesome Coach

I really enjoy working with you, Ashly. Thank you so much for taking time to give me lessons. I really appreciate it. They are definitely helping me to become a better bowler. Also, I have learned information about bowling that I never knew before such as 3-pt targeting, how to align my feet and eyes, and making spares. You are an awesome coach.
Aaron Awerbach

The Greatest Coach

Ashly Galante is simply the best and most personable coach you could want. She builds a relationship with her students to the point where its more than simply increasing score, or even making your game better. It's a partnership, or even a friendship. Her lessons have made me a better person, and a much better bowler. It comes down to the amount of thought and dedication she pours into her students. You could not find someone who cares as much as she does.
Jonathan Juliano

Absolutely Awesome

Ashly is not only an incredible bowler, she is an awesome teacher/coach! Unlike most teachers who can't actually do what they teach, she excels at both. She has been teaching my son for a year and a half now and my son has greatly improved, he has become more consistent and more even keeled. Ashly is also a big hearted and kind person who genuinely makes you feel special. I would highly recommend her as a bowling coach if you truly want to learn how to bowl, it is in her blood and she truly gives her all in every lesson. You rock Ashly!
John J

Greatest Coach!

Ashly is such a wonderful, generous, and fun coach! She is great with kids and has excellent advice which has dramatically improved my son’s average score. I am very impressed, I didn’t expect such quick results. My son asks for privates with Ashly by his own accord and looks forward to his lessons. Also, she does so much for the bowling community and I am grateful for it. Thank you!
Greyson Geisness


I am a two handed bowler so coaching me can prove to be a challenge from time to time. As well as being an established bowler, Ashly is a coach that goes above and beyond for you. She will do research on her free time to help students such as myself to figure out how to help you. She will always put in the extra effort to help you become a better bowler. Shes always figuring out new tricks, or techniques to help you get that much closer to the final results you want.
Derek Suttmiller