Week 1 of 30 Day Challenge – MARCH 2019 – PRE-SHOT ROUTINE!!

In the month of March I challenge you to get a strong pre-shot routine. This challenge is easy but difficult at the same time. It’s going to require time and patience. Just like last month I’m going to make the first week easy and then slowly build on it throughout the month. I can give you guidelines and ideas for a pre-shot routine. Ultimately it is up to you to make it your own.

When it comes to building a pre-shot routine you can’t skip out on it. If you start to set up and then realize that you forgot to do your pre-shot routine, put the ball down and start over. Don’t just throw the ball.

Week 1 steps to building a pre-shot routine

  1. Make sure you step off of the approach ( I like to start my pre-shot routine with my ball in my hand. Remember this is YOUR routine, make it your own!!!)
  2.  Wipe the oil off the ball ( some people don’t see the point. Me personally I like to have a fresh surface every shot and try to keep my ball motion consistent)
  3. While you are wiping the ball down you can start your thought process. You can say something like I am standing ___ shooting ___ to ___ . We are identifying where you are standing, where you are shooting, and where you want the ball to go to.  (Example I am standing 20 shooting 10 to 7)

As I said I am going to keep it very simple week 1!  I just want you to get into the habit of  stepping off the lane and going through a routine. The more you practice it the quicker and easier it will start to flow. Expect for it to be boring and to feel like it is taking forever. That will go away!

Make sure you work hard! I will continue to build on this every week this month!

<3 Ashly 


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