Week 3 of 30 Day Challenge – MARCH 2019 – PRE-SHOT ROUTINE!!

This week we are going to add self talk to our pre-shot routine. We are looking to add feel good words/phrases to our pre-shot.

First, we need to figure out what word or phrase motivates you. When I’m in a pressured situation one of the phrases that I use is ” I live for this”.  What this does for me is it gets me excited to throw the shot instead of being nervous. I’m in the situation that I want to be in and I love every minute of it. Other times I tell myself “All I want you to do is execute the best shot you can! As long as I do that I can live with the results”.  Sometimes we get consumed with knocking pins down that we forget that the process is what got us there in the first place. I use this saying to remind me that I can’t control what the pins do, but I can control my execution of a good shot.

These are some things that work for me. Take some time and think about what words or phrases help you be you. Next, we have to figure out when we are going to say them. Again this is different for everyone. It can be as your walking up to the approach, after your done visualization, as your setting up, and/or the last thing you say before you throw the ball. Make it your OWN! There is no right or wrong way to use positive self talk as long as you are using it!

Once you figure out what you want to say when you want to say it, then it is time to add it to your routine and do it all the time!

<3 Ashly 

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