How many of you like doing drills?

What is your favorite drill? Tag a friend that could use more drills in their life!

How does drills help? Drills break down the physical game and allow us to work on one part over and over again.

In this video I’m doing the foul line drill. I used to use a 10lb ball in this drill to help me work on my wrist strength. This video is the first time I used a 15lbs in a long time. Some of my focus points are looking closer to roll the ball, getting my back leg into a better position, not using my shoulders to through the ball, and more.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

1 thought on “How many of you like doing drills?”

  1. I love doing drills. They are an excellent way for me to warm up and concentrate on one particular area. I don’t have a favorite because I like them all.

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